DT at Timbercroft

At Timbercroft, DT is delivered through the Cornerstones curriculum meaning that solid connections can be made and areas of learning are linked together through an over-riding topic. Design and Technology objectives are still very much the focus and time is taken to explain the Design and Technology learning outcomes. Teachers strive to present the children with relevant projects and the use of the Cornerstones cucrriculum means that the children can see a real purpose to the projects they are working on. Some of our most recent projects include:

  • Writing recipes for, cooking and tasting some authentic Viking dishes
  • Building tudor houses
  • Making a memory box
  • Designing and making popcorn packaging for the premier of our film

In the increasingly technological world in which we live we feel it is vital that children understand the importance of designing and making high-quality products. To this end we encourage them to be objective in their evaluations and critique their own ideas.

The new national curriculum has placed a greater emphasis on food and nutrition. We are currently in the early stages of creating a central food technology resource area which will allow the children to cook beyond cold food. Watch this space!