Year 4 Creative Curriculum 2015-2016

Autumn Term

Year 4 started the autumn term in the most magical way… with a once in a lifetime trip that was amazing; a trip to The Making of Harry Potter! The children were able to view sections of the sets, handle props used in the actual films as well as buy replica props.

Spring Term:

Other fun and exciting activities we completed in the spring term have included learning about the Vikings. We got the chance to taste traditional Viking era bread and try on replica amour.

As part of the whole school computing expo, year 4 used 3D digital software to complete Viking game pieces to be printed off on one of the two 3D printers. These were then displayed at the I.T. Expo at Charlton Valley Football Club.

We had a whole school English focus where the children focused their work on a fairy tale. Year 4 chose Little Red Riding Hood. We used a variety of ways; such as drama, conscience alley’s and verbal storytelling to re tell this story where the wolf was the ‘good’ character.

Summer Term:

We have started this term with the end focus of our big outcome of a rainforest café. To kick start this term we had a wonderful trip to The Rainforest Café, in London. We had the chance to see how a real resturant works and sample the lunch menu. All this prepared us for opening night of our own Timbercroft café!

We Designed our logo, the menu, and spent ime deciding on a fantastic BBQ menu . The big night was AMAZING! All our parents couldn’t believe how delicious our food was and how professional our café was!