Science Week

Science week: June 2016

This year’s science week at Timbercroft has been another jam packed one!

Every class in the school visited the Science Museum where the children got to experience all areas of science; from inventions to space rockets to energy to ourselves; having fun and learning facts.

“I enjoyed every floor of the Science Museum, it was really entertaining”

“I enjoyed learning about gases. We breathe in oxygen but in some places there is not enough oxygen”

“The rocket exhibit was very interesting, so was the electricity one…I loved it!”

“I really enjoyed going to the Science Museum because there were lots of games, fun things to look at and experiments”

Each phase group got to experience a science lesson taught by a different teacher. We’ve had frozen balloons, oranges that do and do not float, got messy with corn flour, used scientific equipment such as thermometers and found out why bread shrinks when you toast it!

To finish the week off the EYFS children have had a day dedicated to science experiments and investigations where it truly was a ‘hands-on’ experience.

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