"Designer Dump - Terrific Trash" Year 5 Upcycled Furniture Auction 

On Thursday 14th December, the children in year 5 held an upcycled furniture auction to help raise money for an amazing evening at the theatre to see Matilda the Musical in July.

Weeks of designing, evaluating and creating were over and it was time to sell. The children had created the invitations, the flyers, the blurbs for the furniture and wrote a split narrative about an aid worker and a child living in a developing country.

An online Facebook bidding page was set up prior to the event where parents, carers and friends could comment on the pictures of the items and place a bid before the night. These bids were used as the starting bids. The children’s family and friends then continued to bid on the 23 lots available. Half way through the evening, the children had made a staggering £540. In the interval, some of the children became waiters and waitresses and served their guests with small canapes of which they chose and designed themselves.

The second half was spectacular with one of our lots selling for £101. The children’s persuasive language they were using when auctioning the items was working!

At the end of the event, the children and the parents were in disbelief as together, they had raised a staggering £1135.

Our target is £1900, so watch this space for year fives next money making adventure.