Sports Premium

At Timbercroft we use our funding guidance to ensure that the Sports Premium is used to have the maximum impact for our children.


  • To ensure we promote and support the importance of a healthy lifestyle and place particular emphasis on the wellbeing of our students and how sport and activity impacts positively on all aspects of school life.
  • To provide opportunities to allow pupils to broaden their PE experience both during curriculum and extra curriculum time.
  • To identify and develop those pupils who show specific aptitude for individual sports.
  • The establishment of pupil self-esteem through the development of physical confidence.
  • The targeted and strategic use of the Primary School Sport Funding will support us in achieving our vision.


  • To increase high quality PE teaching and learning throughout the school through CPD and team teaching/coaching
  • Evaluate different schemes of work and purchase ones that best suit the need of children at Timbercroft
  • PE subject leader to develop new ideas for PE/sport and physical activity
  • Expand the range of after school clubs available to children
  • Offer subsidised after school club places to all children and free places to identified groups
  • Increase physical activity at lunchtime
  • Audit PE equipment for both PE/Sport and physical activities in the school buildings and playground
  • Competitive sport characterised by focusing on achieving one’s best not being the best

Allocated Funding 2017-2018: £19,400

Area of focus



Target Group

Continue to offer subsidised after school club places to all children and free places to identified groups.


Children have broader experiences in PE enrichment. Increased uptake in after school clubs.

Whole School

Planning and delivery of annual sports day to take place at Sutcliffe Athletics Track combined with Partnership schools for inter school olympics

£500 Venue & Transport


Showcase of the fantastic sport on offer at school and the children compete at a high level.

Whole School

Continue to employ a sports coach as ‘competition coordinator’ to increase the number of pupils participating in an increased range of competitive opportunities as well as success in competitions.


Increased participation in competitive activities through Plumstead Common Cluster.


Competition coordinator to organise regular competitions across the partnership schools. 1 competition each half term across school.

£1000 transport

£500 staffing

More competitive sport that will lead to an even greater showing at competitions.

Whole school

Continue to provide sports lunchtime clubs to increase physical activity of targeted children.



Higher percentage of children engaging in physical activity throughout the day.

Whole school.

Join Greenwich School’s Sport Programme


Staff training in key areas of PE that can be disseminated to whole staff.

Access to whole class teaching resources.

Workshops on healthy eating, gym and keeping healthy for year groups.


Specialist dance training


Specialist training for all teaching staff to develop the quality of dance lessons.

Whole school

Purchase outdoor table tennis tables and training for staff


To develop use of sport outside and to engage children in a variety of sports. Teacher training to up skill teachers to facilitate after school clubs and teaching during the PE sessions.


Additional resources for playtime and lunchtime physical activity


To provide children with a range of equipment to develop their physical skills during activities that are not teacher led

Whole school

Resources for teaching children sports represented in Paralympic games and disability sports including wheel chair basketball, hearing football.


To provide children with opportunities to experience sports that they may not have access to previously. To broaden horizons with regard to Inclusive Sport.

Whole school

To develop the PE curriculum with a new scheme of work


To support teachers in ensuring an exciting, engaging curriculum is provided to all pupils that stimulates their enthusiasm for physical activity.

Whole school

Dance workshops


All children will have access to a multi-cultural dance workshop to broaden their experience of dance, awareness of dance in other cultures and to promote inclusion of all pupils from different cultures.

Whole school.





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