Parents' Views

Thank you for your support and the brilliant response we got from your most recent questionnaire!

Your feedback is very important to us. At Timbercroft we are constantly striving to give your children the very best education we can, our doors are always open (not literally that would be dangerous :) ) to your feedback. Over the past couple of years we have made many changes as a result of your feedback, for example:

  • A wider range of activities for after school clubs
  • Regular coffee mornings to share information
  • We built a new sports and games area in the school
  • Parents evening times have changed to make it more convenient for working parents
  • We have changed our report formats
  • We send data letters to parents informing you of the children's progress
  • We have introduced Parent Pay
  • We now have an email and text system
  • More competitive sport against other schools
  • Increased availability of the senior leaders before and after school


Click here for the recent results from our parent questionnaire

(Summer 15)