SEND Local Offer

"Children identified at School Action, School Action Plus or who have a statement of SEN, achieve well. These particular children make good progress in line with others because their needs are identified quickly and effective support is provided." Ofsted, 2012

It is the policy at Timbercroft Primary School to try to meet the needs of all children. We endeavour to provide a caring, happy and secure environment where each child’s true potential can be fulfilled.

We endeavour to work with the “the whole child” by giving consideration to the child’s academic, physical, emotional and social needs.

Ofsted recognise our efforts to ensure that the children attend school and enjoy both their time here and their recreation.

We are committed to narrowing the attainment gap between SEND and non SEND children. This may include learning interventions developed on an individual needs basis.

We monitor progress carefully and attempt to work in partnership with parents and outside agencies to ensure we raise the level of achievement of all our children. We are committed to creating opportunities to enable all our children to succeed. This is achieved by promoting positive feelings of self-worth, high esteem, confidence and mutual respect. We are committed to an inclusive practice to ensure that children can work happily and co-operatively alongside each other.

SENCo: Debra Joyce

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