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Attendance Matters

At Timbercroft Primary School we are very grateful for the support of all parents and carers who ensure that their children attend school regularly and punctually. This allows teachers the best possible opportunity to support our pupils to reach their full potential.

The recommended minimum attendance rate for primary school children is 96%. If pupils have more than 7days absence from school during the academic year they will not be able to achieve this. We have a strong expectation at Timbercroft Primary School that our pupils aim for 100% attendance so that they have access to all learning opportunities. We are very pleased to note that most of our pupils have excellent attendance and punctuality.

To help us promote regular attendance and punctuality and ensure that absences are kept to an absolute minimum, Timbercroft Primary School will be working with The South Eastern Attendance Advisory Service (SEAAS) who will provide focused support to improve school attendance.

Working closely with SEAAS, we will continuously monitor and review the attendance of all pupils. If we have concerns about a pupil’s attendance level or that a pupil’s attendance is having a negative impact on their attainment, we will refer the matter to SEAAS who will work with you to improve the attendance.

SEAAS will work on behalf of the school to address all attendance concerns including lateness and holidays in term time. In cases where attendance does not improve and or parents are not engaging with the process, SEAAS will consider all the legal options available to them including penalty notices and referrals to the Local Authority for prosecution under Sec.444(1) Education Act 1996.

Royal Borough of Greenwich's Children Missing in Education Protocol