DT at Timbercroft

At Timbercroft, DT is delivered through cross curricular lessons, linking directly to the topics being taught. Design and Technology objectives are still very much the focus and time is taken to explain the Design and Technology learning outcomes. Teachers strive to present the children with relevant projects and the use of the Cornerstones curriculum means that the children can see a real purpose to the projects they are working on. Some of our most recent projects include:

  • Designing, making food from different cultures for our Multicultural Festival 
  • Building tudor houses
  • Making a memory box
  • Designing and making popcorn packaging for the premier of our film

One of the main projects we were apart of this year was the Architecture in Schools Project. Architecture in Schools is a creative learning programme for Key Stage Two primary school pupils sponsored by and delivered in partnership with the Canary Wharf Group

The aim of the programme was to inspire the next generation of city-shapers and for participants to understand how architecture informs the world around us. The programme also aimed to train teachers on how architecture can be used to teach a variety of subjects including Art, Design, Numeracy, Literacy, Geography and Science whilst improving children’s drawing, model-making, communication and problem-solving skills. 

The children at Timbercroft wanted to make our school smarter. Lead by year 4/5, the children came up with ideas and desimminated them to other year groups. Click here to find out more. 

In the increasingly technological world in which we live we feel it is vital that children understand the importance of designing and making high-quality products. To this end we encourage them to be objective in their evaluations and critique their own ideas. Some of the schools 'Big Outcomes' include design and technology. For example, up cycling furniture to be auctioned, making cakes for a 'Teddy Bears Picnic' etc.

Timbercroft continue to be proud of our learning kitchen. Classes throughout the year have used this space to create culinary delights.