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how we learn

At Timbercroft we focus on developing lifelong learners by looking at how we learn, metacognition, collaborative learning, oracy and the application of powerful knowledge in challenge contexts. 

Improving metacognition impacts on all subjects as it looks at the way that people learn as well as what they learn. Our teachers use and develop metacognitive strategies subject-wide, as this gives students the best chance of developing these skills. Although some general trends exist, it is easier to apply effective strategies if one knows the context they are applying it to.

We use the following strategies across the curriculum to develop the children’s understanding of how and what they learn: 

  • Dual Coding
  • Retrieval practice
  • Spacing
  • Interleaving
  • Concrete examples
  • Elaboration

We promote a culture of engagement and active learning by using a range of strategies for collaborative learning, including Talk For Teaching, Kagan and Making Thinking Visible. This allows our children to be fully engaged in their own learning and take ownership of their progression. 

By developing the children’s ability to express themselves clearly and increasing their range of vocabulary, this will enable them to share their understanding of their learning effectively and develop a key life skill. It’s about having the vocabulary to say what you want to say and the ability to structure your thoughts so that they make sense to others and prepare our children for opportunities in their future as citizens.

We are a challenge-seeking species; we like doing things that are difficult, as long as the conditions are right. This means that the mistakes we make are seen as opportunities for learning. 

At Timbercroft we aim to create ‘a safe and inclusive environment where everyone is motivated to learn creatively, ensuring success for all’. From child-led school and trust-wide events, to extracurricular activities, as well as 'Aspiration and Achievement Week', where we invite all sorts of businesses and occupations into the school to inspire the children to think about their futures and entrepreneurial skills – we develop the confidence and leadership skills that will empower your children to achieve their dreams.