Timbercoft is a centre of excellence

Timbercroft have achieved the Inclusion Quality Mark!

Following a very successful two day assessment the assessor was extremely impressed with what she saw and asked us to be a Centre of Excellence for inclusion. This makes us the first school in Greenwich, primary and secondary, to hold this award.

Key points from the final report were

  • The school is very welcoming and has a warm, positive ethos with an open, friendly, happy atmosphere. The head teacher, Inclusion Manager and SLT lead by positive example and set the tone for the supportive, caring, framework, where inclusive values are fundamental.
  • The school provides a wide range of different types of support for pupils, which is targeted carefully at their individual needs and everything is very well organized with excellent communication between all relevant staff.
  • Other excellent features of the school’s work include the inclusion of pupils with a variety of needs and the work of support staff who provide excellent support both within the classroom and through a range of successful interventions, which are very carefully monitored.
  • Pupils are very happy, lively and positive and behave extremely well around the school, in their lessons and in the playground. They speak very highly of their school and its staff, for whom they have great respect and they know that they are listened to and cared for. Pupils enjoy learning and they explain how the teachers encourage them and make learning fun.
  • Parents spoken to, whose children have additional needs, explained the thorough, caring and effective approach that the school takes towards meeting their children’s needs.
  • They are aware of all aspects of the inclusion agenda and are active participants in the school’s efforts to include and to care for all pupils.