'Top Three' Architecture In Schools Award

On Friday 19th July 2019 our Year 4/5 children attended the award ceremony for the Architecture In Schools project . We successfully won one a prize for being one of the 'Top Three'. 

'Timbercroft Project Overview

Timbercroft Primary School began their project by reaching out to year nine pupils from their local secondary school, Plumstead Manor.  The Year nine students helped pupils to look at ‘smart’ buildings and cities and to learn that being ‘smart’ meant setting an example to their local community.

“It feels nice for secondary schools to come in. We didn’t really know where to start and they helped everyone”. – Alexandra

“They taught us how to analyse and how to draw ‘smart’ plans”. – Adrianna'

read the full article: https://open-city.org.uk/learning/architecture-in-schools/architecture-in-schools-in-more-detail/