Meet Our Staff

Headteacher and SENCo: Mrs D. Joyce

Deputy Headteacher: Miss A Cartwright 

Assistant Headteacher: Mr D Greenstock

Administrators: Mrs D Burnett, Mrs J. Finch, Mrs D. Wells, Mrs A. Page and Miss Harriett Arnold 

Chair of Governors: Mr F Keay

Nursery and Foundation Stage leader: Mrs M Edwards

Nursery: Mrs L. Meager

Reception: Miss L. Savage and Mrs M. Edwards

KS1 Phase lead-Mrs J Shaddick

Lower KS2 Lead-Miss L Wand

Upper KS2 Lead-Ms C Bell

Year 1: Miss L. Evans and Mrs J. Shaddick

Year 2: Miss E. Rowe and Miss A. Goodwin

Year 3: Miss L. Ogborne and Mrs C. Vas

Year 4: Mr J Bannell and Miss L. Wand

Year 5: Ms Z Benjamins and Miss N. Wolfe

Year 6: Mrs T. Liptrot and Mrs C. Bell

Safeguarding Lead: Mrs D Joyce

Deputy Safeguarding Leads: Miss A Cartwright & Mr. D Greenstock