Partnership with Brooklands and Millennium

The Partnership

Timbercroft, Brooklands & Millennium joined forces in November 2014, and all work in partnership under the leadership of Executive Headteacher Nick Osborne. Each school has its own Head of School - at Timbercroft, Debs Joyce acts as head of school. 

How does the Partnership work?

All three schools have their own identities and are separate schools; however, we share an Executive Headteacher and have similar visions and values. There is a great deal of collaboration behind the scenes. This helps us to benchmark our standards and work together to improve teaching and learning for all children.

How do the schools work together?

In order to keep making progress as a school, the key area to focus on is teaching and learning, so a lot of the work behind the scenes is dedicated to supporting and developing staff across all areas of the school.

Here are some of the ways in which we work together:

  • Joint training
  • Teachers observe Outstanding teaching in the partner schools
  • Joint planning – teachers share how they plan their learning
  • Joint monitoring- The leadership team regularly monitor the quality of learning in books. We do this across the entire school, but we also look at our partner schools’ books to help benchmark standards. We look to see what we can learn from the other schools' books. Are our expectations high enough and is the quality of our feedback good enough?
  • Shared resources
  • Subject leaders work together across the schools to support each other in the teaching of all the specific subjects such as English and Maths
  • Our governors are now working closely together so that we can support and challenge each other to raise standards across all 3 schools
  • At the end of each term our children compete against each other in sports events - this gives the children the experience of competition and gives them something to aim for during P.E. sessions

What is the impact of the Partnership?

Working closely with two Outstanding schools has helped us raise our expectations and look at areas where we can improve. Over the past 2 terms we have focused on the quality of the environment for the children, the expectations we have of the children and what we can achieve with them. We have seen higher expectations and the children reaching higher standards. We are now focusing on making the curriculum as engaging and exciting as possible.