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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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We created Maritime around an idea - that education should be meaningful, that children should love learning, and that everyone who works with us should feel they make an impact. We believe in preparing children for a future we can’t even imagine yet - through the life skills in our entrepreneurial curriculum. This is how they’ll be able to adapt in an ever-changing world. 

Maritime is an educational charity with the core purpose of advancing education for the public benefit. Maritime is overseen by a Board of Trustees and is run by our Chief Executive, Nick Osborne. We are funded directly by the government and are directly accountable to Parliament, the Department for Education and Ofsted. 

Maritime works with your school in three different capacities: 

1) To support the school in as many ways as we can 

2) To act as a safety net to help with checks and balances 

3) To create opportunities to help the school improve 

We want to take as many distractions as possible away from the leaders in your child’s school so that they can focus on teaching & learning for your child! 

Each of our schools is different, but they do share 3 main things: 

  1. a curriculum that is engaging for children and challenges them to develop skills as well as knowledge 
  2. an expectation of outstanding behaviour in school so that children feel safe and are in an environment which helps them learn to the best of their ability 
  3. strong collaboration, looking to learn from each other and also willing to support others when they are in need 

For information on our curriculum, please see the [link]. 

We collaborate through joint staff training programmes, teacher exchanges, network meetings, sharing staff and building solutions together. 

We also offer a range of support to ensure our schools are the best they can be: 

Educational support: our education team ensures that each school has a sound understanding of areas of strength and development, through termly reviews. Where areas of support are identified, the strongest staff in those areas from across the Trust are then identified to provide support. We also provide a comprehensive training programme for staff at your child’s school, free of charge. 

Estates support: Our estates lead ensures that all schools are compliant with Health & Safety requirements. He regularly audits the schools and works with the managers of the premises together to solve problems across the Trust. 

HR support: We have an HR team to support the headteacher to deal with all HR issues. Teacher recruitment is a key part of this role, ensuring we attract the next generation of great teachers to Maritime schools. 

Finance support: Our finance team works with our schools to set budgets and ensure that all financial regulations are being followed. The team also works with schools to drive down the cost of contracts. 

If a headteacher needs support we have people on-hand literally 24 hours a day/7 days a week!

Working with our parents

This Parent's Guide to Maritime explains how we work and what being a Maritime School means for children and parents. In essence, being in a Maritime School means your child will experience our broad and balanced curriculum, taught by specially trained teachers and staff, in schools receiving extensive support from the Trust - which means headteachers can focus on teaching and learning every day. 

Our Guide for Parents and Carers