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Pupil Voice

We regularly take the opportunity to ask our pupils their views on our school, whether it is through our School Council, subject specific questioning or through our assemblies. 

In March 2022 we asked the children the following question: 

Why would you recommend Timbercroft to a new child?

We do lots of learning and you can play with other children. You can make new friends and try new things. We have nice teachers and they help us.

It’s a very special and fun school. Lots of fun things to do at playtime. We learn so many things that we don’t know and the learning is very fun.

Everyone is really friendly and our playground is really big and really cool. Our teachers are very lovely.

There are different areas of the playground to access including a sensory garden.

The school has good pastoral care and you can always find someone to talk to; Good all round education and fun projects; Achievement assemblies that celebrate what has been going well for individual children; Electronic devices to help with our learning. 

All the teachers support all of the children and they make the learning fun. We have new zones in the playground which makes playtime more fun. There is a sensory garden and a reading shed for quieter, more reflective playtimes. Fun Filled Fridays and Mufti Mondays are ‘treats’ that you can earn as a class if your attendance is good (above 98%).

I like to come and learn new things with my teachers. The teachers are all very kind and the children are all really friendly. 

The staff are honest, caring and helpful. They care about how pupils feel. You will receive a really good education. It is a fun school to play and to make friends. You can get support when you are finding learning tricky or when you are worried about something. 

It has a great environment to learn in. Also, the games and activities we use to learn helps us understand better. Teacher’s are very supportive.  

What is your favourite thing about Timbercroft?

We have lots of fun things to do. Our grown ups are my favourite as they are kind. 


We love PE. We also love the activities we do in class because they’re always great. The teachers are my favourite because they always look after us. 


There are always lots of people to play with and lots of teachers to look after us. We love using our hub where we can read all kinds of different books. 


We love PE, we get to learn and play games like rounders and handball that we wouldn’t normally play outside of school. Fun Filled Fantastic Friday to celebrate our attendance success. Fun special days like our Greek Wow Day and Stone Age Day that helps us with our learning and Big outcomes that give us the chance to show our learning to our parents. We have anti-bullying ambassadors. 


Fun Filled Fridays is something to look forward to each week. Teachers are supportive. Lessons are made fun and interactive as much as possible. P.E is great as it is taught by sports coaches. Clubs after school are fun and cover a range of sports. WOW days, dress up days and fun events celebrating different cultures really help our learning and understanding. 


The craft table is lots of fun because we can choose what to make and have lots of ‘resources’ to choose from. We make lots of pictures. I love to learn to read. I have my own book and I can write sentences.


Teachers at Timbercroft make learning fun. The topics that we study are interesting. Teachers are very helpful and they give you a clear explanation about the learning which makes it easier. Every week we have Fun Filled Fantastic Friday assembly where we celebrate our successes and have a chance to have free time if we get over 98% attendance. 


We get to learn about lots of different subjects like science, geography and history. We get challenged to do our best. There are different zones with activities to play at break times and a reading hut. Get to play football and other sports.