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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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SEND Support Materials

Time Table support             Grounding Techniques         Handwashing                         

Books for Wellbeing              Coping with Stress                          


Greenwich continue to update the Local Offer with new materials as they become available.


Flamingo Chicks:

An on line SEND dance session 


This helpful resource allows you to take a preferred toy or activity and think about how you can target different language functions within it.

Top tip! Look through the examples and see if any are relevant to the person you are supporting. If not, you can create your own using the blank form at the end of the pack. (examples).pdf    


A great range of apps for sensory stimulation, relaxation, cause & effect, for digital painting & art, camera photo fun and for speech stimulation, control & therapy

Additional Resources:

Greenacres Primary School